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Casino Glossary

Glossary of Fun Casino Terminology

The House - means The Casino.
Pit Boss - supervisor monotoring the dealers and the tables from the centre of the pit.
The Pit - the center of the circle of tables.
Stickman - Dealer in charge of the Craps table.
The Floor - the main gaming area.
Dolly - the piece of plastic used on roulette to mark the winning number.
Chips - All bets are placed in chips which are purchased at the tables.
Puck - disk used to mark the 'point' number on Craps.
Craps - another name for Dice.
The Cage - the cash desk where you cash out your winnings.
Buy -in -  buy chips with cash.
Cash Out/Cash In - take your chips and turn them back into cash.
Change - change cash for chips or chips for bigger cash value chips.
Odds - what a bet pays.
Pay Out -  what a bet pays.

Poker Talk

Hand - the actual cards/ poker hand that you have.
Ante - the original bet you make on poker to receive cards.
Open - if the dealer's hand qualifys to play.
Play - the bet you place behind your ante if you wish to play your hand.
Suited - cards of the same suit.
Fold - to give up your hand because its a low hand.

The Poker Hands

Ace King - any ace and any king together with any 3 other cards, loest hand in poker.
Pair - two of the same card.
Two Pair - two lots of the same cards i.e a pair of 8's and a piar of 3's.
Three of a Kind - for example three 5's.
Flush - five cards all the same suit.
Straight - 2,3,4,5,6  any five cards in numerical order.
Full House - basically, a pair and three of a kind together.
Four of a Kind - four 7's, four 8's and so on any our of the same number.
Straight Flush - five cards in numerical order and of the same suit. The highest hand in any poker game.

Blackjack Lingo

Blackjack - Ace and any other card whose value is 10 i.e ten, jack, king or queen. Also the name of the game you may know as '21' or 'Pontoon'.
Split - make two separate hands from your original two cards, only if they are the same value ie. split your pair of 2's.
Double down - the only time in Blackjack when you can add more money behind your bet after you have seen your cards. Place the same as your original bet behind. If you double down you are only permitted to take one more card.
You can split your hand and still double down after.

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