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Learn Texas Hold'Em Poker

Texas Hold'em is a great game to play and easy to learn. It can be played by hundreds of people on many tables in large tournaments down to just two people playing heads up at a home game. Whether you are a student wanting to learn or pensioner wanting to play, Texas holdem is popular with all ages, a great way to get families and friends together.

There are two types of Texas Hold'em that will be explained, the first Tournament Play and the second Cash Poker both just as exciting and fun to play. 

Texas Hold'em is becoming more and more popular these days, whether you want to play in a casino or just with friends now is a great time to learn. 
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How to Play Poker

A table normally has ten seats, a dealer button is placed in front of a players seat, this signifys that the player next to him must put in a small blind and that the player next to him must post a big blind. Both these bets are compulsary and start the betting of each game. Both the dealer button and blinds move round the table moving to the next player each hand.

Two cards are dealt to each player. Action goes round the table with players either calling the big blind bet, folding their cards or raising their bet. Once all action has gone around the table and every player has acted the dealer will deal the flop.

One card is burnt/discarded and three cards are dealt into the middle of the table. This is called the flop, these cards are community cards and are used by each player on the table to make the best five card poker hand. A total of five cards will eventually be dealt. Using your two cards and the Five on the flop the idea is to make the best five card poker hand.

Once the dealer has dealt the three cards of the flop another round of betting starts with players either checking, betting or folding. Once the action has worked its way around the table the dealer will deal the fourth card onto the flop, this is called the turn card. Once again a round of betting commences.

The fifth and last card is then dealt onto the flop, this card is called the river. A final round of betting for the remaining players. The winning cards are then shown and the winner takes the chips.

After the hand has finished the dealer button moves to the next position and the next players pay there small and big blind bets ready for the next hand.

Tournament Texas Hold'em

Tournament Texas Holdem can start with a large amount of players spread over various tables. Each player starts with the same amount of chips and play till there is one winner. As the players drop out, the tables get smaller and smaller until there is a final table. 

Finally there is a winner who will take the cash prize. Normally there are also prizes for the runners up. Large Tournaments can many days of play until there is a final table.

Each Tournament has its own design, many let you re-buy for a certain amount of time, lots of tournaments pay the top ten percent of players while others only pay the top three. Nowdays Poker is played in all casinos, it can be found in clubs and pubs. 

Cash Poker Games

Cash Poker is different, you can join a game at any time and you can also leave the table when you like. There is no single winner as in tournament play, if you decide that you have won enough or lost enough you are free to leave. 

You can buy in for any amount you like as long as you dont buy more that the chip leader. If you loose you chips you dont have to leave you can rebuy as many times as you like in between hands.
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Hire a Poker Dealer

Hire a poker dealer with party casinos, all of our dealers have many years dealing poker in the U.K and abroad whether dealing a cash game for friends or dealing poker in tournaments with hundreds of players.

Poker nights are great fun whether you are celebrating a birthday and want to play poker with family or raising money for charity or fundraising.
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