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Fun Casino Roulette Table

Roulette Table Hire North Wales & Cheshire

Play Roulette for fun!

Roulette is a great game. Our Roulette table hire is the most popular and our customers first choice because it is fast-paced, exciting and yet very easy to play. No strategy required, no in depth knowledge and understanding of the rules, just really good fun. Professional croupiers and high quality tables with our Roulette Table Hire!
Roulette is easy to follow and simple to play. You don't have to beat each other or the dealer, everyone is playing the Roulette wheel, simply guessing which number the ball will drop into next. It's great to play in a group as our large Roulette tables can accommodate many players at a time.
All players have their own coloured casino chips so we know whose is whose. You can lay the chips all over table, choosing the roulette numbers you wish to bet on in a variety of ways. Its as easy as picking your lottery numbers and it requires less concentration than bingo!
As you place the chips on your lucky numbers, the croupier stylishly spins the ball in the roulette wheel, eventually the ball slows and comes to fall into one of the 37 number slots in the wheel from 0-36. If your chips are placed on the winning number or part of it you win. Simple but brilliant fun!

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Roulette Party Hire North Wales
Roulette Table Hire Llandudno
Hire a roulette table North Wales

How to Play Roulette

Each player at the Roulette table recieves coloured chips. Each player has there own colour. Chips are placed onto the table in a variety of combinations. Each casino chip has the same value, usually £1 (fun money) per chip.
You can bet by placing your fun casino chips onto the Roulette table in the following ways:
Even chance bets for example;
Red or Black, Odd or Even High or Low
When betting on these even chance bets, whatever amount you bet is what you are
paid should that group win.

There are 3 Dozens you can bet on. Each dozen consists of 12 numbers, basically splitting the wheel into 1/3's.These pay 2:1
If you put £5 on any of these dozens you will win £10.
The dozens are another way to bet on 1/3 of the wheel only this time each set of 12 numbers are spread horizontally across the table.
The Columns also pay 2:1 if you bet £5 you win £10

Zero is like any other number, it pays 35 to 1. However if you are betting on the Even Chance bets, Columns or Dozens and zero comes in then all the 'outside bets' as they  are collectively known lose.

What's the Odd's of that........
If you wish to bet on the numbers there are also plenty of combinations. There are numbers 1-36 and the ‘0’. To bet you can place your chips or a single chip as follows;

Fun Casino Roulette Straight Up
Fun Casino Roulette Split
Casino roulette rules
Fun Casino Roulette Street

Straight up – Directly on the number, if the ball lands in your chosen number you get paid 35-1

Split – In between two numbers, if the ball lands in either of those numbers you get paid 17-1

Corner – Covering the corner of 4 numbers, if the ball lands in any of  the four numbers you get 8-1                                                                       

Street – Chips placed on a line of three numbers will pay 11-1

The Six Lines – The chip is placed at the top of a group of 6 numbers, any of the six will pay 5-1

Columns -  There are three Columns covering the Horizontal lines of the board. They pay 2-1  

Dozens-    There are 3 Dozens covering the vertical lines on the board, paying 2-1     

Evens-      Red, Black, Odd, Even, High and low numbers pay 1-1   

Fun Casino Roulette
Fun Casino Roulette Dozens
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Fun Casino Roulette
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