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Dice Dealer Hire, Dice Event Hire

Hire a Casino Craps Table

Party Casinos offers you and your guests a full sized casino Dice table or better known as Craps. The atmosphere on full and 'hot' Craps table is electric. When there is a 'hot shooter' - someone who has the the dice for a long time because he or she is rollling well, the noise from the table is deafening. The dealers are yelling, the guys are shouting and the girls are screaming. Brilliant, organised chaos and perfect for kicking off a great party.

Hire our table with professional, experienced Dice dealers who can teach you one the most exciting and popular games in Las Vegas. We are proud to be one of only a few fun casino hire companies in the UK that can supply your event or party with a Dice table complete with experienced, dice dealers who can deal the game professionally.

Craps - The most exciting game in the Casino

Dice, you've all seen it in the Hollywood films. The handsome young guy picks up the dice and gets his gorgeous girl to kiss them just before he lunges them across the table. Fellow players scream and shout with excitement as a crowd of wide-eyed onlookers huddle around the table eager to get in on the action.

This is the iconic casino game that's always in the movies and it truly is the most fun to play. Like no other  game in the casino, everyone cheers for the person with the dice. Your fate is in the hands of the 'shooter'. A lucky shooter is adored, the star of the game however, if you are a bad shooter and everyone loses on your throw you are likely to be booed!

It's a loud, vocal game where the dealer ('stickman') runs commentary on the game like that of a 'tic tac', announcing the bets and winning numbers in rhythmic sentences, it's a  lingo  all of its own.
It's a thrilling, fun table to hire which makes it great for parties.

Dice Dealer Hire, Dice Party Hire

How is Craps Played?

It takes three dealers to operate the game, the 'Stickman' who is the ringmaster and at either end of the table a dealer who places and pays the players bets. Intense, high action and a fast pace makes Craps a spectacular game to watch and fantastic table to play.

Every player at the table gets to throw the dice, so even if you don't fully understand whats going on you can still be involved in the action. In our vast experience not many people can resist the pull of the dice table.

Authentic Dice tables for Hire

There are many bets and betting combinations that appear on the craps table and this can be intimidating for new players. There are more bets on the craps table than on any other table in the casino however that doesnt mean that you have to know them all to enjoy the game, you certainly don't need to bet them all either.

The basic strategy of the game is very easy and if you choose to hire our luxury craps table for your party entertainment you and your guests will get guidence from our professional dice dealers. We have been dealing craps professionally for over 30 years which makes us one of the countrys leading fun casino Dice table providers.

Rules, bets, confused? Don't be, everyone just loves to throw the dice and as this is a 'fun casino' we dont worry about the rules, we'll simplify the game so you and your guests will have fun, fun, fum!!!

Find out more about how to play craps. Let us explain the game simply with our online guide, we will explain the main objective of the game and how to play.

Casino Craps Dealer Hire

Rules, Odds & Instructions

All the bets and pay-outs on dice are in relation to the probability of what the total of  2 dice will be when thrown. For example with 2 dice there are lots of ways to roll a total of 7, therefore you have a good chance of rolling it and so it pays the least. There is only one way to roll a total of 2 with two dice so its less likely you will roll it and therefore it pays the most.

There is a clear beginning, middle and end to a craps game. The game starts with one shooter, the person whos turn it is to throw the dice. The first roll is known as 'The come out roll'. At this time all the players at the table place their bets on the 'pass line' right infront of them.

The 'shooter' (player with the dice) is offered 5 dice from which he/she must choose 2. The aim of the game at this point is to roll a 7 or 11 to win but if you roll a 2, 3, or 12 you lose

If another number is rolled, for example 4,5,6,8,9, or 10, this number becomes the 'point'. This is the 'middle' part of the game. All the shooter needs to do now is roll the 'point' number before a 7.

The shooter keeps rolling the dice until they get either the 'point' number or a '7'.  If they roll the point number they get to keep the dice and the game starts again. If the shooter rolls 7 everyone loses, the shooter no longer keeps the dice and they go to the next player and the games starts all over again from the begining 'Come out roll'.

In the middle of the game when the shooter is trying to get the 'point' numer, he and all the other players can bet on any of the other numbers on the table. Because the shooter keeps rolling the dice  untill they roll the 'point' or the 7 then all those other numbers can be bet on. If you bet on these other numbers then each time they are rolled you will win.

Here is a list of all the bets and what they pay.

Passline - always pays even money. Bet $5 you win $5
Odds Behind the line - put money behind your original passline bet and get paid upto double.
Field Bet - Put money in the field and cover all the numbers shown in the field,  if any of them come in your bet wins even money.
Come Bet - the next number to roll is where your money will be betting on. Basically you leave it to fate to choose your number, however if a 7 or 11 rolls you wi even money instantly but 2/3/12 will lose your bet.
Place Bets - Choose a number or a few numbers to play. Each time they are rolled you get paid. Chose from
4 & 10 these pay you double
5 & 9 they pay one and a half times your bet (like Blackjack)
6 & 8 these number pay the least, almost even money at 7 to 6 because they are easy to roll with the most possible combinations other than a 7.

Craps Table Bets, Dice table chips

Centre Action Bets
One chance bets, one chance to roll it or you lose. These bets are located in the middle of the table and controlled by the 'stickman'. The centre bets have many combinations. They have funny names too.....
Yo - bet the number 11 and get paid 15 to 1
Ace deuce - means 3 and pays 15 to 1
Snake eyes - means 2. It pays 30 to 1
Midnight - means 12.  It pay 30 to 1
High Lo - means 2 or 12 rolled wins
Any Crap - any 2/3/12 a winner
7/11  - If either the 7 or the 11 comes in you get paid.
Horn - The horn covers all 4 numbers 2/3/11 and 12. you win if any come out but they each pay differently.
Horn High Yo - same as the horn but wih an extra bet on the 11.  
Hi Lo Yo - This bet covers 2/12 and 11.
You can bet on the dice making a number the 'hardway'. This means that the dice make the number in a pair i.e hard 4 is 2 and 2, hard 10 is 5 and 5. When the number is rolled with 6 and 4 it is known as rolling it the 'easy' way.

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